The Doctor now offers telemedicine! ❤️

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As part of our ongoing effort to offer you the latest in quality health care, we are excited to formally launch our telemedicine platform.

As some of you know, we’ve been offering telemedicine at our clinic since December 2018, but we kept it on the down-low while we worked out the kinks. We’re now ready to come out fo the closet and reveal your new options in healthcare from The Doctor. :)

Lab result follow ups

You know the drill…you come in for a series of labs and head home. You wait a week or so until it’s time to learn your results, and you have to drag your ass back into the clinic for a 15 minute consultation to review your results. No more! The Doctor now offers convenient, secure telemedicine appointments with our providers to review your lab results. It’s just one of the ways we honor our commitment to reinventing primary care to get you your results faster and with less hassle.

General follow ups

Did you know that we can handle follow ups for many common issues by telemedicine? When your provider can confirm that a treatment regimen is working to achieve the desired medical result by video, you don’t have to come back in…unless you just want to! Of course we’re always happy to see your face in our clinic, but if you’re eligible for a telemedicine follow up and you’d prefer to connect that way, we’ll get you setup!

Urgent/Acute appointments

Wake up with pink eye? Have a cold and need flu meds? The Doctor can treat several common acute issues through a video appointment. Of course, if one of our providers feels that it’s best for you to come in, we’ll let you know, but if they can treat you effectively without an in person visit, they will. If meds are medically necessary, they can easily shoot a prescription over to your pharmacy of choice.

PrEP for HIV prevention

Would you like to learn more about PrEP for HIV prevention? In 2019, we introduced a video-based opportunity to learn more about HIV prevention and to secure a prescription for Truvada (currently the only medication that can prevent contracting HIV) all from the comfort (and privacy!) of your own home. Go here to learn more about our Tele-PrEP program to see if this medication may be right for you.

Traveling or emergency prescription refills

If you’re traveling or need to replace a lost or expired prescription, our providers may be able to help you without an in person visit!

NOTE: Controlled substances cannot be prescribed or refilled by telemedicine. If you request an appointment that cannot be appropriately handled by telemedicine, your provider may end the appointment and convert it into an in-person appointment.

Ready to book your next appointment with The Doctor virtually?

Marc Vinson