Did you know it gets in your mouth? Oh, and your butt too!! 😲

Did you know it gets in your mouth? Oh, and your butt too!! 😲.png

That’s right guys (and gals), we’re talking about those pesky sexually transmitted infections, gonorrhea and chlamydia. And you read that right…it can end up in your mouth and your butt.

So listen up to learn about the only way to test for these two serious infections, because your previous provider may not have done it correctly.

What is 3 site testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia?

When testing for these STDs, 3 site testing refers to testing for the presence of the infection in these three locations:

  1. Urethra—by collecting a urine sample (Site 1, and the most commonly tested) 

  2. Throat—by collecting a pharyngeal sample (Site 2)

  3. Anus—by collecting a rectal sample (Site 3)

Who should get 3 site testing?

Anyone who engages in oral and anal sex, male or female, should test at all three sites. Testing only by urinalysis is a very heteronormative approach to managing potential risk for STIs. 

MSM in particular are at high risk for exposure to gonorrhea and chlamydia in the throat and anus, and should seek out locations that test through urinalysis as well as throat and anal swabbing.

If I have these infections in my throat or anus, can I get the same results from a urinalysis only?

No. If you’ve tested only urine for gonorrhea and chlamydia, the results will not identify the presence of those infections in the throat or anus. That means if you engage in receptive anal or oral sex, you could have these infections in locations that a urinalysis alone cannot identify.

Is the risk significant if I don’t get 3-site testing?

Absolutely. If you happen to have one (or both) of these infections in your urethra and you receive treatment, that treatment will kill the infection if it is present in your throat or anus. Good news, sure, BUT if you have the infection in your throat or anus and you’ve only received a urinalysis that comes back negative, you could still have an infection living inside of you that goes untreated.

How do we test at The Doctor?

At The Doctor, we get to know you. We encourage patients to be honest, upfront, and out about all issues from sexuality, to mental disposition, to sexual activity. We want to know you so that we can help you stay healthy and active.

We run a “no judgement zone” type of clinic where you can be yourself, own your sexuality, and feel comfortable telling us how you engage sexually. 

Based on that sexual history, we’ll identify the type of STI testing you need to make sure we test and treat appropriately. That’s the kind of approach that only comes from a practice that truly understand you and your lifestyle.

Do you need an STD test?

Marc Vinson